According to a Rolling Stone report, rapper DaBaby’s claim that he killed a teenager in self-defense in 2018 has been called into question.

According to the publication, newly surfaced security camera footage from the incident appears to show DaBaby initiating the fight which led to the death of 19-year-old Jaylin Craig.

The development comes after charges against Dababy were dismissed in March 2019, following the failure of a witness to appear in court.

However, that decision may be reevaluated given the newly surfaced footage, as it calls into question Dabay’s claim of self-defense.

The security camera footage which depicts events that took place on November 5th, 2018 at a Walmart in North Carolina shows Dababy – real name Jonathan Kirk – fighting with Henry Douglas and Craig, where Kirk initiates the fight by charging at Douglas.

The clip goes on to show Kirk charging at Douglas, tackling him, then striking him at one point, while Craig stands off to the side.

Moments after, Kirk is seen pulling out his gun and firing several rounds, Craig takes out his gun, but it is unclear whether Craig puts it away.

Kirk previously claimed in a video on social media from 2018 that he was confronted by gun-wielding individuals who threatened him, his daughter, and his son.

“Daughter could have got hit, son could have got hit [and] me,” DaBaby stated. “Fuckin’ lawyers telling me not to say something and shit, fuck all that. Two n—– walk down on you and your whole motherfucking family, threaten y’all, whip out on y’all, n—-, let me see what y’all gon’ do.”

Todd Owens, a defense lawyer, and former North Carolina district court judge told Rolling Stone that the video does not support Kirk’s claim of being in danger.

“Going up and pushing a person who is brandishing a firearm, or who she can see has a firearm is really, really risky business,” Owens said. “That completely undermines that legal theory.”

However, other legal experts suggest that the situation isn’t that black-and-white, noting that, other witnesses confessed to seeing Craig with a gun, although Kirk appears to have initiated to fight.

“It is not a ‘These people rolled up on me and tried to roll me, and I had to defend myself,'” Legal expert Emily Baker said to Rolling Stone. “That’s not what this video shows. This video shows a fight that got way out of hand very fast, and that resulted in somebody dying.”

Kirk also faces another shooting case after he shot a man outside of his home earlier this month.