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Name: Gifty Dankwah
Age: 35
Education: BSc in Media Technology
Fave food: House special Ho Fun noodles
Fave song: SWV ‘s Human Nature
Fave Colour: Pink
Fave quote from a movie: Transformers Optimus Prime “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”
With £1m I would do?: Invest in to community to form a business and provide employment
Name: Mingle
Age: 32
Education: Computer Network Engineering 
Computer Desktop Administration 
Fave food: Jollof Rice
Fave song: Destiny’s Child ‘Dangerously in love’
Fave colour: Grey. 
With £1m what would you do: I would get my daughter the best of everything possible. Then do my best to change the world in my own way through sports and talent building.