In a surprising move, Lizzo has unveiled her new single, ‘Special’ which the rapstress debuted during a commercial for tech company Logitech for their new DEFY LOGIC product.

Taking to social media on Thursday, Jan. 27th, the ‘Good As Hell’ singer shared a tweet informing her fans of the new collaboration with the caption:

“LET THE 2022 TAKEOVER BEGIN. Excited to partner with @Logitech & this crew of Firecreators & innovators to bring in a new era of #DEFYLOGIC.”

Adding, “In case nobody told you today YOU can BE who you want..DO what you want, and LIVE how you want. We are the future and THE FUTURE IS OURS.”

Speaking of the team up with Logitech, Lizzo stated, “I love that Logitech is embracing authenticity and nonconformity – ideologies that I’ve lived by my entire career. It’s exciting to see a brand put so much heart into achieving real change and stand up to societal norms. Fame looks a lot different today than it used to, and I’m proud to be a part of the new wave and partner with Logitech and inspire others to defy logic.”

‘Special,’ which does actually sound special, is the follow-up to the rapper’s 2021 hit single ‘Rumors,’ featuring Cardi B, and matches the commercial’s theme, as though it were made for the DEFY LOGIC.

Don’t take my word for it, see below.