Meek Mill has apologized amid immense backlash after releasing a mini music video shot at Ghana’s presidential palace (Jubilee House).

Taking to social media over the weekend, the Philly rapper apologized after coming under fire for sharing a video shot at the Jubilee House governmental complex, which also houses the presidential office and serves as Ghana’s official residence.

Many people took to social media shortly after the release to condemn the rapper for filming the mini music video in such a prestigious location for Ghanaians, with former deputy education minister Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa taking center stage to chastise both the rapper and the people who permitted the shoot.

He wrote, “All those responsible for this despicable desecration of the Jubilee House by Meek Mill must be fired immediately. How do those explicit lyrics from the president’s lectern project Ghana positively? Is Ghana’s seat of government no longer a high security installation?”

Amid the backlash on social media, Meek quickly took down the clip and apologized for his actions, tweeting:

“My apologies to the people if any disrespect!” he wrote on Monday. “We still gonna push to make the connection between black people in America and Africa… what I’m trying to do is more than a video and you should see coming soon! My apologies to the the office also!”

While most Ghanaian fans were outraged by the behavior, some appeared not to blame Meek for the video, instead rushing to social media to support the rapper and express their disappointment to the authorities who allowed the incident to occur.

In a subsequent tweet, Meek responded to a tweet from a fan who told the rapper, “You’re not the one everyone’s mad at.” He then explained that the authorities might not have known it was going to be a music video when they asked to shoot, since it was a “small camera and one kid.”

He wrote, “I don’t think they knew it was video footage when we asked to shoot its a small camera and one kid … in America we didn’t know this existed and was excited to show because they don’t show Ghana on our media much! So I’ll take responsibility for my mistake! Not intentional.”

Adding, “I’m just not here for no separation of anything black … we already separated enough and don’t understand each others cultures … let’s used this to help fix that and not more judgement towards each other!”

With that said, kindly share your thoughts on Meek’s act and the authorities that allowed the shoot in the comments section below.