Rising R&B artist Marzz drops her new debut EP ‘Love Letterz’ via Keep Cool/RCA/Columbia. It’s and has been a while coming from her earlier single releases, ‘Cleopatra’ and ‘Countless times’. Marzz collabs with music heavy hitters such as Timberland (Justin Timberlake),  Justin Mosley Jordan Mosley and NES.  Endorsed by the legend himself Timberland and an artist to watch in music. Marzz’s EP is an honest and expressive project talking about her experiences in relationships and importantly, self-love.  Marzz took time to out to hang with YEEEAAH! Network to answer our 10 questions; giving us an insight and into her journey, inspirations in music and behind the works of this EP.


Your birth name is Laria McCormack is also such a sweet name and you’ve come up with a really cool spacey name called Marzz. Tell us how you came about to pick that name for yourself and how does that relate to you as an artist?

I and my manager were talking and he asked what my stage name is and I told him poppy Marzz. He said oh no we have to change that and he said I like the name Marzz. I was like yeah that was definitely different so I went back home and I reflected on it.  I’m into astrology so I said you know the planet mars is red and furious and firey so I used that to describe myself.


Who were/are your biggest inspirations growing up?

Jhene Aiko, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Teyana Taylor, the Clark Sisters, Kiki Sheard and Karen Clark Sheard.


I’m guessing that life in the church had a really big part in also developing your craft to seeing and also your love music what was it like in early years singing in the church. How much does it have an impact on how you perform and how you write songs?

Being that I come from a church background it’s pretty normal for me to perform in front of people because I’ve always been in a children’s choir.  The way I write my songs is just really just expressing myself on how I feel.


So let’s head to the early part of your story, you’ve come from the church background but your story is that you didn’t want to go down that route and you wanted to go down a more secular route. How did that feel and what led you to make that decision?

What led me to make the decision to go down and the more secular route is my personal experiences of me becoming who I am. I really just connect with secular music a lot because I feel like that it’s more of an open-minded genre or I guess the music, in general, is just different.


‘Love Letterz’ is your first EP release. What was the process of discovering your sound and what is the EP about?

To be honest I haven’t really discovered myself and I’m still exploring but with what My sound sounds like now I definitely would like to keep it here.  I would say it’s true, it’s melodic, it’s healing so I really want people to understand from this day I have been through a lot of pain but I took the time to self-love and take care of myself and put my happiness first so hopefully, they get love and positivity from this and keep being positive about everything. Just stay prayed up and have faith.


Timbaland is known for epic bangers that dominated the charts for decades and influenced so many artists. What was it like working with Timberland in the studio and how did you meet? 

It was definitely a vibe and he treated me as if I was his little sister.  Anything I was vibing to he would be like “yeah you mess with that?” I’d be like yea and we just literally would go back and forth just creating in the room and feeling the energy.  It was an amazing experience. He brought me out of my comfort zone and I appreciate him for that.


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Your message is to teach people to embrace their uniqueness. Tell us how important that is to you and what was your tipping point when you decided to accept your own uniqueness?

Embracing the uniqueness of yourself is so important to me because I feel like a lot of people do not think that it’s ok to be different.  Nowadays everybody wants to be different but for those who truly are having trouble trying to figure out who they are, I want them to know that it’s OK to still try to figure out who you are.  You don’t have to figure out right now and just stay focused on what’s making you better and what makes you happy.  For me there wasn’t really a tipping point… I just accepted who I was early.


So the pandemic has affected so many people and it’s really been a challenge for artists to learn how to keep inspired and keep creating. How has it been for you during the pandemic to make music and see it through to have it completed?

I am honestly always creating and making music. It’s literally always something going on around me and I honestly just take from those experiences or even if I’m not doing anything that day I just keep myself busy to make sure I don’t lose that motivation.



What along with an amazing EP, do we have anything more in store for your fans and listeners?  

I have some live performances coming soon. Maybe another project and definitely of course more musiccccc ahhh 🤩🤩🤩🤩


In your own words, what makes Marrz special from other artists?

I love the fact that I am a very open-minded person and I’m the goofiest person.