Miley Cyrus has once again proved her versatility as an artist by releasing her latest single, “River.” The track departs from her usual pop-infused sound, showcasing her ability to tap into a more stripped-down, emotional sound. It is a hauntingly beautiful track featuring Miley’s raw, powerful vocals and a simple guitar riff. The track’s lyrics are poignant and reflective, with Miley reflecting on the pain and struggles of life’s journey.

The chorus is particularly powerful, with Miley singing, “Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in the deep end, but then I remember you’re my friend.” The track’s emotional depth and vulnerability are a testament to Miley’s growth as an artist and her ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level. The track reminds us that even in the darkest times, we can find solace in the love and support of those closest to us. Watch the new video above!