It has been 4 years since Ed Sheeran released his extremely successful album ÷ (Divide). With hits such as Galway Girl and Shape of You, it gave the impression of infatuation and young love. His latest album has a more mature look of undying love, no matter what life throws your way. With many beautiful songs, we are looking at our personal top 5 songs from = (Equals).



Influenced by the easing restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheeran released this pop-synth number as his lead single. With its catchy tune and lyrics, this song makes you want to meet up with friends and celebrate after a year in isolation. Just be warned, the chorus will be stuck in your head for a while after one listen.

The music video adds to the song’s unique charm. With Ed Sheeran as a vampire getting made up before meeting with other vampires, it adds to the post-COVID feeling of wanting to be outside with people you care about.



 This is probably one of the most heartwarming songs on the album. Another pop synth-heavy song with a quick beat, the lyrics of unforgettable love through tough times goes perfectly with this beat. Both the music video and song seem to take some influence from 1980’s pop.

In the music video, Sheeran is stranded by his tour bus after a restroom break. The video starts very muted, as the lyrics talk about tough times. As the chorus kicks in, the bright colours intensify as people help the stranded singer.

Fun cameos from Jason Momoa, Emilion Rivera, and Yamamotoyama Ryūta (credited as “Yama”) add to the hilarious plot. There are also various references to Ed Sheeran’s previous songs, including a Japanese cover of Shape of You by artist MARINA.



One of the reasons why Ed Sheeran gained popularity was his sweetheart image. Especially with older fans, he had this genuine image of a man with a guitar trying to spread a wholesome message through his songs. That feeling comes back with Leave your life. According to an interview with Heart’s Dev Griffin, Ed Sheeran explains how the death of his friend Michael Gudinski and the birth of his daughter influenced his lyrics. The story behind the song is as if he went on a plane and didn’t come back, this is what he would want Lyra (Sheeran’s daughter) to know. It’s an unconditional love, which the audience can feel as they listen to this song.


4. 2STEP

Regardless of whether you are in love or have ever been in love, this is a song many of us can relate to. 2step is about having a lack of confidence. We have all had rough days or weeks. Sometimes, it takes friends, family, or even a long talk to yourself to pick yourself off. 2Step investigates this feeling of needing a break with someone with its lyrics. With a beat reminiscing something from the ÷ era, Sheeran displays incredible skill whilst singing to a rapidly accelerating and decelerating beat.



This song is about enjoying the company of a loved one and turning down plans to spend time with one another. During the interview with Heart, Ed Sheeran explained that whilst they constantly had plans, he and his wife Cherry never had time to themselves. “We just started saying no to things and that song is about the first night we said no to something and enjoyed a night one on one.” The acoustic guitar empathizes this feeling of a couple wanting to take the time to be with one another. It’s a soft romantic song, similar to Perfect about two people in love.


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