Yung Miami of City Girls is facing backlash for remarks she made during a recent interview with XXL Magazine, in which the femcee openly expressed her intentions to become one of the greatest interviewers ever known.

In 2018, JT and Young Miami gained notoriety as the Florida-based rap duo City Girls in large part due to the songs’ brazenly raw, brutally honest, and exaggerated nature.

During the interview, Miami shared about upcoming City Girls projects and her high standards as the host of her podcast Caresha Please with REVOLT, during which she appeared to declare herself the next big media icon and mentioned her aspiration to “take it to the next level.”

However, her comments rubbed many the wrong way, when she said she wants to be the “Black Oprah.” “I want to take it to the next level,” Miami stated. “I want to be like, I think she has a podcast now, a person like Wendy Williams. I’m dreaming big. I want to go to the highest of the highest. I want to be the Black Oprah.”

With the accolades of Oprah Winfrey seemingly being out of reach to many, the 24-year-old’s remarks enraged supporters of Oprah, who then flocked social media to slam the artist.

Miami refused to acknowledge their opinions and issue an apology, as she took to Twitter and instead doubled down with her previous comment.

“The next ((((BLACK)))) OPRAH!!” She wrote.

Adding, “I don’t like being basic like y’all hoes! My shit always got a twist to it!”

Many fans have shown their support for Miami’s statements on social media, commending the rapper for being ambitious with her aspirations, with some even noting that even Oprah didn’t start at the top.

See below for some Twitter reactions.