Dr. Hilary Jones explains the reason behind the slashing of the allowed number of persons in a social gathering by the government. i.e. coming Monday, It will be illegal to meet up with more than six people from outside your home.

On Good Morning Britain, Host Piers Morgan in an attempt to find out how much COVID-19 is affecting the world, he asked the medical expert about the death rate of Covid-19 in comparison to those dying from cancer.

Dr. Hilary said: “Well, cancer and heart disease is not infectious, we have to deal with those things all the time. They can be random and they can be genetic, but they’re not infectious,

But, healthy young people are vulnerable to Covid-19, you only have to ask Kate Garraway about the devastating effect it has had on her husband Derek. These are young adults.”

Adding: “Young people are still vulnerable they are the ones who are normally asymptomatic. They have moderate or mild symptoms that can last weeks and weeks.

 We can’t dismiss this virus as being inconvenient and getting in the way of their social life. 

‘We have been through wars before and survived them and come out the other end, but we have to accept we are living through unprecedented times and we have to make sacrifices.”

“If it means giving up a holiday this year we have to do that.”

Please stay safe, wear your mask, and adhere to safety protocols set by the health professionals.