During a recent appearance on Hotboxin’ alongside Fat Joe and radio personality Angie Martinez, Mike Tyson and his Terror Squad pal recount interesting anecdotes from years ago.

With Angie present to verify the veracity of these stories, Tyson permits Fat Joe to narrate an instance in which he and Remy Ma were invited to Tyson’s residence, where the heavyweight champion opened the front door completely naked.

Joe amusingly recounts, “I’m only worried about him. He takes me a tour of the house, I’m not lying to you. Every room I walked in there was a chick in every room, in every f***ing room. I’m like what the f***, I’m like this guy lives a f***ing life. He offered us some f***ing 500 bands.”

Tyson acknowledges attempting to entice Remy Ma with one of his luxury cars, but the “Conceited” rapper graciously rejected the proposal.

Watch the interview below to find out how the story unfolds.