#VERZUZ platform which was created by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz is web sensation and a cultural phenomenon of epic proportion.

Hosting some of music’s most celebrated to show off their prized hits from their catalogues in a battle format. We have seen the likes of Monica, DMX, Jill Scott, Brandy and many more show up.

Also, some other big names have declined invitations to compete whereas some, like Chris Brown and Usher, have also had mixed feelings about the request to battle on the platform.

Based on the winner of consistent ratings, has seen music lovers call for their favourite acts to engage.

A name which is consistent atop viewer Wishlist is Toni Braxton, a multi-Platinum selling R&B veteran who boasts over 60 million records sold worldwide.

In her feature in the latest issue of ‘Interview’ magazine via a profile curated by her co-star Missy Elliot, who is also among the music stars who have appealed to participate #VERZUZ.

Except ‘Interview’ magazine has seen Toni Braxton name either Mariah Care or Mary J. Blige for a VERZUZ battle. She said, “It would have to be me, Mariah Carey or Mary J. Blige or something. Us girls from the ‘90s. But no, I haven’t put it on the register to do it yet.”

But Mary has expressly stated, “I don’t want to do it’ when asked about her desire whereas Mariah Carey may have been engaging on the platform in a different manner.

We are hoping for confirmation soon.