During a virtual interview on Hot97 New York Show yesterday 8th September, Burna Boy was met with many questions regarding African music and why he claims his music isn’t AfroBeats but rather Afro-Fusion which he created.

He said: “Afro-fusion is me, I created that. The same way Afrobeat is Fela Kuti – he created that, you know. I don’t play every instrument… I’m not Fela, basically. I’m Burna Boy and we go about things very differently. It’s a different genre, it just comes from Africa basically.”

He also shed some insight into why putting all African music into one genre is unfair and wrong, saying:

“It’s not fair to just join everybody… It’s almost like joining Hip-Hop, R&B and Dancehall into one thing and call it ‘Ameribeats.’ It doesn’t do justice to what’s really going on, but at the same time, we have to start from somewhere.”

Do you side with Burna Boy or do you have a different opinion?

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