Janet Jackson shared the good news of a new album ‘Black Diamond’ in February. This was good news because it will be her first album in five years.

Tommy Parker, one of the set’s producers, has opened up about creating the follow-up to ‘Unbreakable’ during his interview with Revolt.

He opened up about how far they are with Janet’s album at this point, He said, “We were digging in deep. We had some great stuff. Respectfully, everything about her album comes from her mouth, but what I can say is that she’s speaking very honestly on it. She’s speaking very honestly about things on this Black Diamond album. It’s incredible and she sounds amazing. I’m very blessed to say I’m vocal coaching her on this album this go around. We’re having fun. We’re like kids when we get together. I feel like a kid when I’m around her. When we come together, we have a good time. We started and then stopped. So, we have a lot more to say now than we did in February.

He also shared how the pandemic has affected their work by saying, “It definitely affected me working with Janet because we were working in New York and then that stopped. We couldn’t go back to New York. So, it affected working on that project. For several months, I stayed home depressed like everyone else. I had no motivation to do anything at all. It affected me bad.

He also revealed what has contributed to the delay of Janet’s new music saying, “Life. She lives, she has a son and her son is a priority. So, it’s finding the balance in that. I have a child, too. It’s incredible to see her do it and be as big as she is.

He also shared what Janet’s creative process is like. He said, “Janet loves to have fun. That’s what I love about Janet because it’s a lot like myself. We’ll catch up, talk about what’s going on, watch some funny videos, and then start working on some music. If there’s a beat we like, we’ll go for it. Or, Janet may feel away and aware of something, and she may go in and write about that. For her to be such a legend, she knows how to take off her hat and come down to earth on your level. That way we can vibe and come up with something that’s representing both of us with no egos. That’s what I love about writing with her. It’s really easy and dope. It’s really up to her how much she wants everyone into how she’s felling. If its something that’s really bothering her and she wants to speak about it, she’ll put it in a song. But, sometimes, she won’t necessarily write about it personally. She’ll touch on it, so we can give everyone acknowledgement that we are aware of this and we want people to be aware of it, as well.

With our bottled-up excitement, we await the release of ‘Black Diamond’ as we have missed Jane Jackson in action.