Trillary Banks claims that a manager at the Ibis Hotel in Barking abused her physically.

The incident, according to the rapper, occurred when she failed to check out by 12 p.m. She said that the manager tossed her items on the floor and repeatedly shoved her.

Trillary is heard telling the manager, “Say what you just said again,” in a video she shared on social media. “You just said it won’t take you a minute to drag me out this hotel.”

In response, the manager says: “The checkout timing is 12 o’clock, you are abusing our rules. Can you please check out of our hotel please.” Adding, “You can’t record me in a private property.”

Trillary then says: “Leave my phone alone! Do not touch me. Are you witnessing this? This is going on Instagram. She just threatened me and said it will not take you one minute to drag me out the property.

“Touch me, touch me. You just touch me and I have it on camera.

“I’m recording you, you just touched me. You just threw my things out on the floor. You have no right. I’m recording you because you abused me.”

Trillary captioned the Instagram video, “@ibishotels share and report member of staff Sony at ibis barking, physically abused me because I didn’t check out on time. Go on their page/DM them and get active!”

She also explains the encounter on Twitter, writing:

“Today I was physically abused by Manager Sony at the Ibis Hotel in Barking for not checking out at 12pm.

“She came into my room when I was on the toilet stating, ‘It wouldn’t take one minute to drag me out’, threw my belongings on the floor, pushed/hit me multiple times. @Accor @Ali.”

Trillary later shared a video of herself holding cash with the remark “When I’m done with Ibis,” implying that she would pursue legal action.