After weeks of negotiations and demands from many in the public eye, including Marcus Rashford, for the UK government to extend the school feeding programme through the holidays, there has been some good news. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, called Marcus after his game against Everton to discuss the new plan to extend the feeding programme all through the winter season to all the way to December 2021.

This comes after Marcus and several local restaurants and businesses arranged to feed some kids who had nothing to eat prior to the lockdown.

Rashford said: “Following the game today, I had a good conversation with the prime minister to better understand the proposed plan, and I very much welcome the steps that have been taken to combat child food poverty in the UK.”

Not to downplay the victory this was Marcus added: “The intent the government has shown today is nothing but positive and they should be recognized for that. The steps made today will improve the lives of near 1.7 million children in the UK over the next 12 months, and that can only be celebrated.”

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