Blue singer, Lee Ryan, was found guilty of assaulting a flight attendant in a racially offensive manner.

Prior to boarding his British Airways flight on July 31 from Glasgow to London City Airport, Ryan, 39, reportedly drank a bottle of port in the airport lounge, according to evidence presented at Ealing Magistrates’ Court.

According to one member of the flight crew, the pop artist asked her if she knew who he was and requested an upgrade.

Debunking all charges previously, Ryan claimed that he was “playful” with his approach.

The “U Make Me Wanna” singer was found guilty of biting a police officer, engaging in a racially-aggravated common assault by beating, and acting abusively against a member of the cabin staff while drinking aboard a flight.

Ryan currently awaits sentencing on February 24th.

Press members reportedly noticed Ryan, who had been granted unconditional bail following the court proceedings, scurrying inside a neighboring elementary school to avoid cameras.

During the hearing, Leah Gordon, a BA flight attendant, said that Ryan’s comments regarding her appearance were “unacceptable and so derogatory” and had left her feeling “intimidated” and “embarrassed.”

According to Ms. Gordon, Ryan passed comments on her skin color and told her he was going to have children with her.

She said in court, “It felt like he was saying I was beautiful for a black person because of the way he was describing my colour.”

She continued to tell the court that Ryan afterward came up to her from behind, saying to her: “Before I get off this plane I need a kiss from you.”

Although she implored him to “stay away,” the court heard that he grabbed both of her wrists before other passengers could step in.

Ms. Gordon said: “He was towering over me, like he was leaning in to give me a kiss.”

The court also saw police footage of the 39-year-old, “snarling” and cursing at officers after he’d assaulted one of them.

Another flight attendant testified that Ryan approached her immediately after the plane took off and requested an upgrade from business to economy class. His request was then turned down as the plane was already full.

The attendant said, “He told me he had a problem, that he was being harassed by other passengers, that he was famous and asked did I know who he was.”

Before adding: “He was angry, saying he was a gold-card holder and that he needed to be moved because of this.”

She said in court that Ryan was “slurring his words and staggering around” and that she had instructed him to get back to his seat and refused any more alcohol.

Ryan admitted that after the flight was delayed, he consumed an entire bottle of port and cheese in the BA lounge.

The singer was emotional in the dock before delivering his testimony.

He then told the court, “It was banter, just drunk banter I suppose, there was no malice or intention to upset anyone.”