Clubhouse is an exclusive, invite-only audio app where participants can move around virtual rooms discussing a wide variety of topics ranging from arts and culture, popular TV shows, and the music industry and now Twitter begins a version of the same called ‘Spaces’.

Following Twitter’s last added feature ‘Fleets’ which added stories to the platform, users with access can now create voice-based chat rooms with hosts, speakers, and listeners and they can interact by using emoji reactions, live transcriptions, and tweet sharing.

Due to being in beta, only a selected few currently have access to Spaces and is only available via the Twitter app as of now, but relies on Periscope integration.

In a statement, Twitter said: “Audio adds an additional layer of connection to the public conversation. Musicians and authors have used it to bring their works to life, while other people used audio to tell stories, share emotion, and be their true, funny selves”

“We also know that people want to feel comfortable and in control when having conversations on Twitter.”

In efforts to minimize cyberbullying and harassment, Twitter has decided to beta-test with women as they are often the target of online harassment. This allows the developers to determine which regulations regarding the new feature will help curb the issue once the app is officially available to the public.

What would make Spaces different to Clubhouse is the availability to the public since Clubhouse is an invitation-only app.

If executed properly, this could generate a new experience for content creators and their audience as it would presumably be a safe space for audible interactions.

Your thoughts?