While talking to fans on her Instagram Live recently, Tommie Lee answered a few questions.

And one of these questions was if she could play in any movie, what it would be.

In response to the question, she revealed she wanted to be on ‘Power.’

She said, “Everybody knows that I want to be on Power. But I absolutely hate Cent.” She went to explain what causes the dislike, “All I said was, I had Dm’d him, I said, ‘You know what? I got an idea for “Power,” I got an idea for “Power.” I should be Ghost girlfriend. 

Let me just throw that out there.’ That motherf*cka blocked me. He’s such an a*shole. And I think I would have really done well on Power.”

Well, it is safe to say we don’t expect to see Ms Lee in ‘Power’ universe any time soon.