In a conversation with Jon Pareles of The New York Times on Monday, September 7th, their conversation about she almost quitting after the backlash she received after her sophomore single, ‘Love Me Love Me Love Me’ in 2010 stood out.

In 2010, the video for ‘Love Me Love Me Love Me’ was banned by the National Broadcasting Commission in Nigeria and also some of her performances were canceled. She said she was told, “This is too sexy. You can’t be this.”

What brought her back when she considered being a songwriter after retreating to Los Angeles, was when she said, “I would open my DMs, and I’d see all these young girls being like, ‘I love your sleeve tattoo. I love your piercing. And it was like, I have to go back for these girls. 

Now I say that I want to inspire girls, but they inspired me to come back.

New album Celia out now!