Justin Timberlake reveals in a sit-down with Zane Lowe that one of his all-time hits ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ isn’t the type of music he relates to and went on to distance himself from the song.

This may come as a surprise to many as the song was his last “hit-hit” to date, with his 2018 ‘Man of the Woods’ album’ having just two #9 charting singles, ‘Filthy’ and ‘Say Something’.

JT explained saying: “This song trips me out. It is not something I would have ever written for myself. Again, this is a song I don’t feel is mine. Honestly. 

Because we wrote it for this movie. It just turns out that they said “no, you have to sing it [too]. And I was like ‘ok.”

It is not too unexpected for an artist to claim they aren’t connected with a soundtrack they wrote or sang, as it is mostly supposed to tell a different story than they might be feeling at the time. ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ was the soundtrack to the “Trolls” movie from 2016.

This reveal comes as he works on his new music with Timbaland and Pharrel Williams and we can say he is feeling this one.