Well as we are hoping for some dope movie to sail us through to next year, Netflix just released the trailer for ‘The Midnight Sky’ an apocalyptic sci-fi drama starring and directed by George Clooney.

It offers insight into a possible future where unspecified destruction renders the earth uninhabitable.

The trailer which was on Tuesday, saw Clooney’s character searching for a way to warn other survivors against returning to Earth after a global catastrophe. The film is based on Lily Brooks-Dalton’s novel ‘Good Morning, Midnight.’ It was shot ahead of the COVID-19 shutdown.

Netflix has confirmed ‘The Midnight Sky’ will arrive a few days before Christmas on December 23rd.

Speaking to Vanity Fair in an interview Clooney said, “It’s science fiction, which unfortunately is less fictional as we move through the days. The sickness of hate and the elements that come from that, battles and wars- that has been percolating for quite some time.

In the trailer, George who stars as Augustine, a heavily-bearded, lonely scientist in the Arctic, one of the world’s only survivors. Racing to stop Sully, played by Felicity Jones, and her fellow astronauts from returning home to Earth.

The trailer shows George trying to contact the spaceship Aether from Barbeau Observatory, where he is accompanied by a little girl. They both are required to wear oxygen masks any time they step outside of their haven as they try their best to connect with the crew.

Fingers crossed waiting for December 23rd!