With warnings at the start of each episode, ‘The Crown’ season 4 will be portraying Princess Diana’s battle with Bulimia.

The upcoming series will return to Netflix on November 15th and is said to be “so explicit”. Viewers will be exposed to Diana’s (Emma Corrin) eating disorder following her engagement to Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor). The eating disorder of the Princess of Wales in scenes could be alarming for some viewers.

Photo credit-netflix

According to The Sun, three episodes will begin with the message: “The following episode includes scenes of an eating disorder which some viewers may find troubling. Viewer’ discretion is required.

An insider described it as an “unprecedented move” by the showrunners. “After all, it has previously featured scenes of war, a suicide bid, and will even include a terrorist attack in the new series.

They also added, “But they have never chosen to issue a warning over these potentially disturbing images. It’s a reflection of how explicit the imagery is and how sensitively they are treating it.

A Netflix spokesperson has confirmed the warning message saying, “The Crown producers worked closely with the eating disorder charity, BEAT, to ensure that their portrayal of Princess Diana’s bulimia was both accurate to the disorder and sensitively handled.

Watch ‘The Crown’ Season 4 on the November 15th on Netflix