Speaking with Entertainment Weekly the ‘Exile’ singer explained how triggered she was by stories, movies, or narratives that talked about divorce as she relates the circumstances of the loss of her masters to divorce.

Swift explained: “There’s no reason it should cause me so much pain, but all of a sudden it felt like something I had been through.”

“I think that happens any time you’ve been in a 15-year relationship and it ends in a messy, upsetting way. So I wrote My Tears Ricochet and I was using a lot of imagery that I had conjured up while comparing a relationship ending to when people end an actual marriage.”

“All of a sudden this person that you trusted more than anyone in the world is the person that can hurt you the worst. Then all of a sudden the things that you have been through together, hurt. All of a sudden, the person who was your best friend is now your biggest nemesis, etc. etc. etc.”

The ‘Epiphany’ singer then went on to elaborate on how she came about writing the lyrics to ‘My Tears Richochet’, as she was inspired after watching ‘Marriage Story’ starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, and ‘hearing about when marriages go wrong’

Taylor however is over it now, as she is in the process of re-recording her masters which she will retain full control over once it’s completed. Recently sharing an advert by Ryan Reynolds for Match.com which featured her song.

All good in Taylor camp now, we couldn’t be more proud of her.