T-Pain recently spoke on Steve-O’s Wild Ride with Steve-O podcast, where he discussed the highs and lows of his musical career.

Speaking with Steve, Pain explained that he got into the e-world via NFTs and gaming on Twitch and that, the venture turned out to be profitable.

Pain explained, “I’m making more money off of video games than I have made in the last four years. Just playing them. Playing video games.”

He then clarified that he’s not very good at playing games, however, that’s a part of his allure to draw in viewers. T-Pain currently has amassed over 845,000 followers on the platform.

“There are definitely good players out there that make a ton of money,” he admitted. “But I think the entertainment that comes from somebody like me being trash at it, that’s just more valuable and more entertaining.”

Watch T-Pain discuss his gaming endeavors below.