SZA covers the February issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine where she dishes on her experiences from 2020 and her current plans on music for 2021.

The ‘Good Days’ singer confirmed her long-awaited sophomore album is imminent and also shared some kind words for her fans and aspiring artists.

Take a look inside her quotes and dazzling photoshoot.

On Her Sophomore Album: “This album is going to be the sh*t that made me feel something in my…here and in here. That’s what’s going to go on the album. I’m making all different types of sh*t every day from different places in my spirit.”



On How She Navigated Last Year: “2020 definitely affected my ability to create and just the way I see everything. It forced me to restructure. I’m bored as f*ck when I’m not overwhelmed.”


On Her Spirit: “My parents know I’m one of the softest people in the world. I’m also super like, Stop playing with me.”


On Her Advice For Aspiring Artists: “As a younger Black person, giving yourself the permission to be an artist is one of the hardest things. To break from the generational cycle of having to be a doctor or a lawyer or do better or assimilate to whiteness. And SZA gave me that permission—tenfold. She was like, ‘Dude, more than permission, I believe in you.’”.

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan / Djeneba Aduayom.