Thursday’s Verzuz showdown between Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony came dangerously close to being called off when a brawl broke out after Bizzy Bone singled out Three 6 for “mocking” him during his performance.

Swizz Beatz resorted to Instagram to express his dissatisfaction with musicians that showed up intoxicated and late to his Verzuz battles.

“Ain’t did a show in 23 summers and want to charge us like they sold out stadium prices! Talking about yesterdays price is not today price shit,” Swizz left the remark at the comment section of Verzuz’s official Instagram page.

“Talking bout we not going on stage until my homie call from Rikers to do the prayer… New rule if you don’t start on time you don’t get paid on time!!! Verzuz is not free!! They charge us 5x they do non black shows.” he added.

“Coming on stage after getting paid 10 shows in 1 verzuz just to get on stage Drunk AF and Later.” he went on to slam performers for arriving late and performing while intoxicated on stage.

Bizzy Bone, despite the fact that Swizz didn’t identify who he was talking about, was quick to defend his gang, stating that the Bone Thugs weren’t inebriated and that they said prayers on their own.

According to Bizzy’s Instagram Story, “Swizz was not talking about Bone. None of us were drunk and we were all on time. Now, it did get lit. But it wasn’t us. We say our own prayers.”

You’ll find Bizzy Bone’s comments below….




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