Sony Music and record label WEAREBLK announced today their joint venture partnership. The deal was led by Director of Artist Development Sony Music DJ Semtex and founders of the label Anthony Robb (Antz), Abdikarim Abdille (Abdi) and Aidan Glennon.

The goal of the partnership is to sign and develop artists across hip hop, UK rap, drill, grime, afrobeat, afro swing and R&B.

In a statement, DJ Semtex said, “I started working with Abdi and Antz because I realized, I was being influenced via their platforms, which introduced me to new artists that I then played on my radio show. They are a starting point for emerging artists that have recorded their first bedroom demo, or artists that are overlooked by traditional outlets and need an online viral boost on the streets. Individually Abdi, Antz and Aidan bring a unique skill set to the table. Collectively, they have a fresh methodology for discovering artists, and rapidly building audiences.

Antz Robb said, “Music has always been a huge passion of mine. Having the opportunity to contribute to culture on a bigger scale through WEAREBLK is something I’m grateful for.” Antz launched imjustbait, which is one of the best-known music culture Instagram accounts in the UK. He has collaborated with global brands through the platform and has used the platform to promote underground music and has cultivated fan bases by spotting talent. This includes Dave, Young T & Bugsey, B Young and Deno.

Abdikarim Abdille said in the statement, “Music changed my life and I’m looking forward to returning the favour to others by discovering artists and sharing new music through our label. I’m excited about what we can achieve working with the team at Sony Music.” Abdi is the founder of Abdi TV, a music-based social media brand. It has become synonymous with spotting the hottest rising UK talent. Abdi TV launched the career of Swarmz with Aidan.

Aidan Glennon also said, “It’s incredible to be working with Abdi and Antz to build a new and credible label within the music industry. They have already developed careers for many artists and with our ambition combined with Semtex and Dipesh’s experience, I know we can accomplish great things.” Aidan has worked at the cutting edge of artist development since starting his career at Insanity Group in 2012. He was a Director at Management 16 in 2016 and more recently, has been running Ditto Management in the UK alongside Matt Dodds. He has worked with artists including Nathan dawe, Big Zuu, NSG and together with Abdi and Antz developing Niko B.

President, Ministry of Sound Dipesh Parmar also in the statement said, “I’m hugely excited to partner with Abdi and Antz, they are the future of the music business. Alongside Aidan, WEAREBLK is at the forefront of UK culture. Their ability to work with digital media, alongside their taste and hunger to break new artists is a gamechanger and a blueprint for a record label of the future.

WEAREBLK has already achieved chart success with Niko B ‘Who’s That What’s That.’ The track has more than twenty million worldwide streams and spent 11 weeks inside the Official UK Top 40 after first charting in June.

Congratulations to Abdi, Antz and Aidan we look forward to great things from this partnership.