Following the 2018 incident of the same unpaid jewelry, Sean Kingston is seemingly living in his past as a warrant has been issued for his arrest for yet another unpaid jewelry case.

Reports have Kingston ordering jewelry to his house but didn’t end up paying for them. Although the police aren’t actively in search of the singer, the warrant issued is to hopefully get Sean to make payment to the store.

As mentioned above, Kingston has had similar cases in the past where he owed a total of $301,500 to Aqua Master for jewelry ordered which he couldn’t pay due to bounced cheques that were a result of insufficient funds.

The jewelers went ahead to post on social media after the singer was seemingly unable to pay what he owed. He was also sued by Avi Da Jewelers for $356,000 of unpaid items.

Sean Kingston could face up to three years in prison if found guilty of grand theft. We hope he realizes the damages this does to his person and resolves the situation amicably before it gets out of hand.

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