Scooter Braun’s filing for arbitration petition against Peter Comisar, seeks “judicial intervention to end Peter’s unlawful, extortionate, and opportunistic threats against him.”

According to the petition, there was “a clear arbitration provision” in place, but Comisar “repudiated that contractual obligation by threatening to sue Braun in court and thereby make public his unfounded allegations.”

The petition goes on to argue that, the move “was a transparent (and unsuccessful) threat by Comisar to derail Ithaca’s sale and thereby hold Braun and Ithaca hostage unless they cave into Comisar’s extortionate demands. Those tactics proved flawed, as Braun refuses to be extorted and the sale of Ithaca has already closed. Further, like Braun, HYBE sees Comisar’s baseless allegations for what they are: an attempt by a failure and opportunist to make a quick buck off someone else’s hard work”

Braun continues, saying: “Because Comisar’s claims are baseless and, by his actions, Comisar has made it clear that he understands the only conceivable leverage he has is the threat his baseless claims pose rather than their actual legal merit, Braun seeks an order from this Court compelling Comisar to arbitration. That is clearly where Comisar’s meritless claims belong and an arbitrator will swiftly and definitely resolve them, leaving no further opportunity for Comisar to attempt to extort Braun.”

Braun’s petition comes after New York Post reported that, a former Goldman Sachs partner has filed a $50 million lawsuit against the music executive, claiming Braun promised him a sizeable role in his music business but failed to manifest his promise when he quit his lucrative job.

Peter Comisar was working for Guggenheim Securities when Braun reportedly tried to persuade him to leave his present job by touting his high-profile list of talent and close friends. From 2016 to 2017, Comisar alleges Braun “aggressively courted” him in the hopes of forming Scope Capital Partners with business manager David Bolno.

According to the lawsuit, during their meeting, Bolno praised Braun’s previous successes, praising him for “reigniting Calvin Klein underwear through a campaign with Justin Bieber and creating the Yeezy brand for Kanye West.” According to Comisar, Braun informed him that by enlisting the help of close friends like Jimmy Iovine and David Geffen, he could finance between $500 million and $700 million for Scope. Braun is claimed to have referred to Geffen as his “godfather.”

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