The ‘Tap In’ singer took to Twitter to express her profound disappointment in her label to release her new song ‘Best Friend’ which featured Doja Cat.

Saweetie shared: “I am extremely disappointed in my label WBR for prematurely releasing a single I was so excited about. I feel disrespected. I’m hands-on with ALL of my creative & had such a dope rollout for ‘best friends’. The thirst for clout & $ is real & it overrides the artists’ art.”

Then moments after, she followed with another tweet: “We put so much work into the visual & we shot for days for this super cinematic girl anthem. And for this to happen? wow…”

After her tweets, the song has now been taken down from all streaming services. Some fans suggested she finds a new record label as her current one is proving to be incompetent.

What are your thoughts on that?