Irish pop singer Samantha Mumba has thrown fans and pop music lovers into a frenzy by teasing a new single which will be out later this month.

She shared a two-second clip of a close-up of her opening her eyes, and wrote, “Oh Hi. Hello. Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming but…” ‘COOL 11/27.’

Fans couldn’t control their excitement as it’s been six years since Samantha dropped a new song. Here’s what fans had to say:

  • ‘’Instead of amplifying the voices and images of racist cult members in red hats marching around maskless in a pandemic, consider using your time instead to let friends and family know about the return of Samantha Mumba. – Bradley Stern
  • Biden as President-Elect. Vaccine incoming. Cummings out of no.10. But now Samantha Mumba is back, I *know* 2020 is turning a corner.

Well, there is about 22 days more to go, so fingers crossed!