In what can only be called a super mysterious album in the works, Rihanna has been keen to keep rumours and teasers out of the media as she continues working on her ninth studio album.

Fans have however been anxious for any updates relating to her new project and Pharrell may have only increased the intensity with his latest comments about the forthcoming album.

Working with Rihanna, Pharrell has experienced first-hand what we are to expect, and in a statement to Allure, he said: ‘I’m willing to bet, because Venus is gaseous, that if they had a telescope that could zoom through all that s**t, you’d see Rih laying there naked.’ Hinting to something out of this world. 

Even as Riri has mostly kept a tight-lip on her upcoming album, she gave fans a glimpse into her mindset during her creative process.

She said: ‘You do pop, you did this genre, you do that, you do radio, but now it’s just like, what makes me happy? I just want to have fun with music,’

‘Everything is so heavy. The world that we live in is a lot. It’s overwhelming every single day. And with the music, I’m using that as my outlet.’

One thing for sure is Rihanna is excited to be back working with Pharrell as she shared on her Instagram story: “gang. back in da STU”

We are so excited!