Announced this week, the Caribbean Island has declared their plan to “fully leave” their “colonial past behind” in 2021.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley has confirmed that the country will appoint a Barbadian head of state, as the country is moving forward with the removal of Queen Elizabeth II as head of state and away from British rule.

Fans of Rihanna took to Twitter to call on the star to become the country’s next leader upon hearing the news.

Some of these tweets include;

“AS A FELLOW BAJAN, I NOMINATE @rihanna AS NEW HEAD OF SATE!”-@andrewsearles“I’m calling it now. Rihanna for queen of Barbados!”- @PaganTrelawney “@rihanna gets this then we’ll never get a new album from her. But this would be great.”-@MrErnestOwens

The question now is, ninth album “R9” or Head of State? Share your thoughts in the comment section