The ‘Karma’ singer has been arrested in relation to a hotel shooting that had a man sent to the hospital with a gunshot to the head.

Ann Marie was arrested on Wednesday and booked for possession of a firearm and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after the cops were called to the InterContinental in Buckhead on December 1st.

TMZ reports that the police came across a very grossly scene upon arrival in the hotel room, where Ann Marie was found hysterical with a male friend of hers laid on the floor with a bullet wound in the center of his forehead. Somehow the bullet exited out his left temple area but the victim remained somewhat conscious and was able to answer some questions.

Male friend, 24 years, Jonathon Wright, had lost lots of blood and was transported to a local hospital in critical condition.

Police claim they found two shell casings inside the hotel room and two projectiles and the reports state there was also a bullet hole in the door jam and another in a cabinet. This somewhat explained Ann Marie’s explanation of the gun falling off on a table and going off, then hitting Wright right in the middle of his head.

Police also say Ann Marie although being hysterical hadn’t shed any tears and was naked under her white bathrobe. At this point, it is premature to be certain of the facts that lead to the shooting but,

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