Due to the effects of Covid-19, many businesses are affected badly since measures and protocols given by the government and health officials prevent a mass gathering and in some cases up to a few number of persons. 

This in turn caused businesses like the live music industry to be heavily affected and hence the need for Chancellor Rushi Sunak’s scheme which was set to aid workers in such areas.

The scheme ends in October and if measures rem Ian the same as it is now, many workers will find themselves wanting.

A petition has been launched in order to urge the government to extend the furlough scheme for those in the live music industry.

The general manager of the Production Services Association, Andy Lenthall said: 

“We know that furlough is ending in October. We’ve already seen mass redundancies across our sector. For self-employment income support, the last grant will be paid this month and that’s it.

“We’re looking at that gap between October and March until everyone’s back at work. During that period, we estimate the loss of earning will be somewhere between £60-70million. That’s a gap that we can’t plug, so we need the government to.”

So far, over 10,000 signatures have been reached and you can sign too by visiting https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/329174