Hello and welcome back to a new week of On Repeat. Showcasing some of the littlest talent and their songs out now.



Korean singer Jamie uncovers the “Numbers” English version titled “No Numbers” with collaboration with HIGHR MUSIC’s freshest talent, JMIN. The new single was released on September 15, together with the official live clip with her and JMIN.

Last year, the singer released a collaborative track, “Apollo 11,” with Jay Park and Christmas single “5 Christmas Languages.” Jamie never fails to display her personality and unique appeal in every track she makes while delivering impressive rhythms and flows.



Every fan and supporter of the 26-year old British-Mauritian singer-songwriter Lavaud is happy as she has finally dropped her latest track, “Fast Lane.” The song taps sensual energy and is about freedom.

Fast Lane explores and pushes the intimacy’s boundaries while letting go of all the reservations and fears of a special someone. It is also about being careless, having fun, and experiencing the spontaneous romance’s joys. The track also focuses on the people or things that really matter.

Lavaud says, “Living and being in the moment, something I try to live and breathe every day.”



Triple-threat singer-songwriter August Twelfth has released his newest summer track, “Kwasiasem,” following his most recent release, “Love Won’t Stand a Chance. The latest single’s title was taken from Ghana’s native language, which means “fool” or “foolishness.”

Kwaisiasem delivers a playful and vibrant pairing of R&B and Afrobeats. The song is about having to heal alone while watching a toxic ex-partner being happy with someone else. It is inspired by his friend’s love life situation.



Following the success of South African teen star Mila Smith’s debut song “Liars & Fakes,” she has returned with the latest single, “Reassemble Myself.” This powerful ballad song displays the singer’s impressive vocals.

Reassemble Myself is about people’s feelings like they have to break themselves down and then reassemble themselves to be perfect in other people’s eyes. Mila writes songs based on her emotions and experiences. She is inclined to write emotional and sad songs.


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