Hello and happy Monday! We are back with a new list of On Repeat. Showcasing for the best rising artists and music out this week that you need to put in rotation. This week including Ava Sehra, Amber Mark, Jae Prynse and Haywood. Check out the artist below and be sure to follow them on out YEEEAAH! On Repeat Playlist.



British-born singer-songwriter Ava Sehra captured everyone’s attention with her newly released single “Rose Tinted Glasses.” The song combines a catchy melody with relatable, deep lyrics.

From Ava’s first school performance, she knew that music was the path she wanted to walk down. She has an appealing balance of new and old school R&B. Her debut song “WDYL” featuring Konan received massive support with more than 17,000 Spotify streams in just one day.



Finally, New York-based singer-songwriter Amber Mark has released her new single “Foreign Things.” The song is her third single emerging from the upcoming debut album. The track’s official video was co-directed by her with Satya Zoa.

Foreign Things serves the first chapter of the album’s five-part anthology videos to form a short film. According to Amber, “Foreign Things is about the excitement of new experiences. The thrill of newness.” 



“Never Change” is another cultured and catchy reggae-pop song by Jae Prynse. This latest single vibrates the optimistic and charismatic personality of Jae. The singer is best known for his breakthrough song “Try Harder,” but is he now capturing the worldwide audience with the recently released single.

Even if the song has a summer vibe and lively rhythm, Jae wants to create music that people can listen to regardless of the year. Never Change is a song that brings out every listener’s energy no matter how tiring their day is.



Los Angeles-based producer and singer-songwriter Haywood has released her new music “Bleeder.” She started her solo career in Australia and then moved to LA to write and produce music for other artists.

Bleeder is a raw and heartbreaking glimpse at unrequited love and abandonment. It reflects an emotion that people experience at their lowest low. The song is about love’s dynamic that is not being returned. However, at the end of the song, there is a triumph through seeing the truth.