As we gradually draw near to the Christmas season, fans of Mariah Carey are eager to as they have started listening to ‘All I Want for Christmas is You.’

With the caption, “It’s happening,” Mike Nicolella, a fan of Mariah Carey shared a screenshot of a Google Trend search which showed that the song’s rate of search had slightly gone up.

But this wasn’t met with excitement from Mariah Carey, she tweeted, “Not yet” to the previous tweet of Mike Nicolella.

Followers of Mariah Carey were quite confused about Mariah’s response as on tweeted,

The Queen of Timing” and another argued, “ITS TIME MARIAH.” Another, “Queen of not yet but I can’t wait!” and “Ma’am, we finna start without you.

‘All I Want for Christmas is You,’ as it celebrated its 25th anniversary, reached its peak last year as it soared to number one the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US marking it’s the first time at the summit.

Well, with Mariah Carey’s blessing or not we are already switching into the festive season.