The Memphis-born singer Kimberly Michelle Pate, known professionally as K. Michelle calls out the female rappers as she claims Nicki Minaj has no real rival.

Yesterday 8th December was Nicki’s birthday and in celebration, Michelle appreciates her music with the bold claim about the femcee’s rap abilities.

Taking to her Instagram Live, the ‘Love ‘Em All’ singer decided to show love to just one, declaring Nicki Minaj as the queen of female rap, saying:

“No one can out-rap Nicki Minaj. I have been listening to a lot of these new rappers…they don’t have no cadences, they don’t have no animation; they don’t know how to flip it up and they stay on the same beat. No one out-raps Nicki Minaj period. And that’s musically speaking.”

We know this is a controversial topic for many, so we wanna know, do you agree or disagree with her sentiments?