Dr. Dre’s soon to be ex-wife Nicole Young is being accused of alleged theft of corporate funds. Dre’s partner Larry Chatman believes the funds embezzled was taken by Nicole and has filed a report with the LAPD.

In the report filed, Larry Chatman claims that hundreds of thousands of dollars from Dre’s business account have gone missing and is a total sum of $385,029. And he strongly suggests that Nicole Young is the culprit for the theft. 

This theory of his would-be far fetched if Nicole didn’t admit during the divorce hearings she had the right to the money she shared with Dre in their corporate account when Dre brought up her frequent withdrawals. This admission makes the alleged accusation hold water but then there must be hard proof before anything can be said officially. 

At the time of writing, no charges have been made from the LAPD and if that should change, Nicole Young could face jail time for embezzlement. Young’s legal team remains firm on her innocence and says this is only an attempt to smear false rumours against her.

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