The release date for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix documentary event, in which the royals recount their journey in their own words, has been announced after months of anticipation. The streaming giant has also unveiled an official trailer for the documentary.

The couple’s story has notably drawn equal parts fascination, criticism, and support, making them one of the most talked-about and reported-on public personalities of our time.

With so much of their story shrouded in rumours and speculation, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have taken things into their own hands, addressing the public through the documentary.

The two-part documentary, aptly titled “Harry & Meghan,” will offer a candid and unfiltered account of their time as working Royals and the implications of their exodus from the monarchy, and is expected to reveal never-before-heard aspects of their marriage.

The documentary is also expected to address sensitive topics such as racism and comparisons to Princess Diana.

Watch the official trailer below ahead of the December 8th and 15th premieres of volumes 1 and 2, respectively.