In his new project, DaBaby reflects on the death of his older brother.

Taking to Twitter, the Grammy-nominated rapper announced the record on Wednesday, sharing its official cover art and a 1-minute snippet of the title track. In the song, Dababy recalls childhood moments with his big brother Glenn Johnson, who died earlier this month at age 34.

DaBaby raps, “Though you was the oldest so you got it worst/You was the oldest so you got it first. I was the baby so I got it easy…Feel like a prisoner of my mind, no one to talk to/Never let depression go unchecked, that sh*t’ll cost you.

‘My Brother’s Keeper (Long Live G)’ which features Meek Mill, NoCap, and Polo G is available on Spotify as well as the video for ‘Gucci Peacoat’ is also available.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police reported, Glenn Johnson was found dead in a parking lot on November 3rd near University City. Conclusions for investigation state he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was survived by three daughters and a son.