Twitter users slammed the female rapper over alleged denial of colorism during a conversation on Clubhouse-an audio-based social media app, but as it stands, there hasn’t been any proof to this claim.

Although some fans strongly disagreed that she would pass comments as such, other Twitter users who may hold a grudge against Mulatto still stand their ground as they slammed her with several tweets.

Taking to Twitter, Mulatto quickly responded to the criticism where she absolutely denied the allegations.

Most of the critics are decisively being prejudiced due to the female rapper choosing the name Mulatto which is derived from the Spanish word ‘Mule’ which is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.

Mulatto has however commented on the possibility of a name change as it may be offensive and antiquated.

She said: “I can’t say too much because we’re working on something right now, but I would be lying to say it hasn’t crossed my mind before. It is a controversy that I hear and see every day as far as my name goes, so I would be lying to say no I never thought of that. But I can’t say too much right now, because it’s going to be a part of something bigger.”

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