The Office alum took to her socials to share her cover of Vogue India, where she explained the challenge it was to accept the offer.

Mindy captioned her post: “I was so excited to be asked to be the cover of @vogueindia’s December issue but seriously nervous because I would have to shoot it six weeks after giving birth to my son Spencer.

Speaking on self-confidence after birth, she said: “I was not feeling body confident, and even considered saying no. But @katiegreenthal and Vogue surrounded me with talented and wonderful people, and now I’m thrilled I have these photos as a memento of this very specific time in my life. “Postpartum pandemic fabulous” is what I like to call it. Thank you @vogueindia, I love you! More photos to come. Enjoy!”

Talking about her early pandemic days, Mindy told the magazine that she had “a lot of growing pains” at the start of the pandemic due to her being “very hardworking” and “very social”. But through it came the positive side of being quarantined at home with her daughter Katherine. She explained: “It made it easier that my daughter was here because she’s so fun and funny. In the beginning, it was a lot of just us staring at each other, but I got to know her better.”

Congrats to Mindy Kaling.