Michelle Williams is on a mission as she once again takes on the mantle to share about her experiences with mental health and helping bring awareness. 

The former Destiny’s Child member took to Instagram to share her exciting news about her latest two-book deal with Nelson Books. Her first book is slated for release in May 2021 and is meant to enlighten readers on Michelle’s journey with mental health and wellness.


The post shared by Michelle said: 

Hear Ye, Hear Yeeeeeeeee!

Yesssssss, I officially get to really talk about it now!!! Well here goooooooes:

“Singer, actor, and former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams signed a two-book deal with Nelson Books. Jenny Baumgartner took world rights to the currently untitled works, the first of which, set for May 2021, will be Williams’s debut. 

The book, Nelson said, will explore “Michelle’s journey with mental health and wellness.” Williams is “passionate about raising awareness about mental health and about sharing the lessons she has learned in her own struggle with depression.” Williams was represented by the Fedd Agency” I have a team of women that are extraordinary: @drhollycarter @yvettenoelschure @whitneydgossett @nestlebutter2 @millercami @thepinkelbow I didn’t do any of this alone!! 

Soooooo many amazing boss women that I don’t have IG’s for or who don’t have IG’s possibly.

We are very excited about this news and can’t wait to read her book. 

Congratulations Michelle Williams!