More riveting testimony is emerging from the witness stand as the second week of Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez’s trial unfolds.

Following the bombshell testimonies from last week preceding’s, new witnesses are set to take the stand, and the latest which is from Meg’s former stylist, EJ King, appears to blow the entire case wide open.

See what we mean below.

King reportedly had a lot to unveil, despite not being present during the horrific shooting that left his client bullet wounds in both feet in July 2020. However, King was also present at Kylie Jenner’s house party, where he recounted urging the “WAP” rapper to leave the party after noticing how much she had been drinking.

During King’s testimony on Monday (December 19), he was questioned on how Meg, her ex-bf and assistant, Kelsey, and himself protect themselves when they are not accompanied by security.

“We’d have tasers, mace.” King answered, before telling the court, “Not that I recall,” when pressed about any other weapons or a handgun.

King was then probed about whether he recalled Meg or Kelse having a firearm-like object in their possession, to which he stated, “Possibly… but it’s not my business.”

King also spoke about staying late during the party at Jenner’s, testifying that he remembers “Corey [Gamble] insinuated to wrap up the party,” ahead of Lanez’s arrival around 8 or 9 pm.

King testified that he urged Meg to leave as she was intoxicated and that he doesn’t “like feeling like the last Black [people] in somebody’s house.” He also testified that he “was already on alert” upon hearing Megan make a “slight comment” about Kylie.

King recounted witnessing Kelsey say to Jenner, “You’re fun, you’re a vibe,” after which Meg reportedly stated: “I’m really glad because I thought you were a lame.”

King also testified to Harris’ character, stating: “Kelsey is just a little Tazmanian devil,” King described. “But she has a lot of bark, so she can cuss you out.” However, the fashion stylist claimed he’d never witnessed her getting aggressive.

While DDA Alexander Bott described Meg as a relatively happy drunk, King testified that the “Savage” rapper, upon crossing a certain point, “is a different person.” The defense then asked King, “Was she [Megan] past the faded point that day?” to which he reluctantly answered, “Yes.”

The reports follow Meg and Harris’ testimony last week, which sparked more questions than answers, as Lanez’s defense counsel also muddied the waters with their opening remarks, which insinuated that Ms. Harris was to blame for the shooting of her former best friend and boss.

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