During her appearance at the Webby Awards on May 16th, Megan Thee Stallion, who took home the award for Best Artist of the Year, shared a much-needed update about her next album in an interview, revealing the project is about “95% done.”

Speaking to Jordana Jarrett, Meg revealed: “I’m probably like 95% done with my new album. I want to tease that for the hotties. I haven’t told them nothing about my album.”

Megan’s next album will be her first full-length release since last year’s Something for Thee Hotties, and it will be the official follow-up to her 2020 debut album Good News.

Meg previously released two singles ‘Plan B’ and ‘Sweetest Pie’ which featured Dua Lipa, earlier this year in anticipation of her new album which is expected to be released sometime this year.

She also explained her process for working on this album with Apple Music’s Zach Lowe, where she stated:

“I’m having a really good time making music right now because I’m not rushing myself. I feel like I work every single day.

“I felt like I was rushing trying to put out projects because I feel like I always got to feed the hotties. So right now how I’m writing, I’m really taking my time. This is the most songs that I’ve ever recorded.”