Meek Mill is mostly known for speaking up when it comes to giving back to the community but when it came to living by his words, he dropped the ball hard!.

Yesterday, Sunday, 6th December, Meek Mill went viral in a video of him talking with a couple of young kids in Atlanta, where the kids seem to hustle on the streets selling water. Meek came through riding in one of his luxury cars and stopped to purchase some of the water sold by the kids. Usually, a bottle of water goes for $1-$3, yet Meek Mill gave the kids $20 to share in return for no water.

Although the gesture was nice, we will admit $20 for a successful rapper like Meek Mill was a bit stingy on his part, especially as the kids were about 5 or 6. The kids showed concern after his gesture since only one kid had the $20 bill but Meek insisted the kids share the money and warned the kids not to touch or reach into the car.

As the video went viral, people took to his Twitter to mock the rapper where he seemed not to grasp the matter at hand as he tweeted back defending his actions.

What are your thoughts? Have a look at some of the tweets down below.