Almost a week after rapper Meek Mill found himself in the spotlight for giving only $20 to kids selling water in the streets, he redeems himself by teaming up with Michael Rubin to donate more than $2 million in scholarship funds.

The pair are donating to scholarship funds that will send underserved students across Philly to private and parochial schools. The funds will go to help about 1,000 pre-K, grade school, high school, and special ed students during the 2020-2021 school year.

The scholarships will be aimed at giving aid to students from poor homes in Philadelphia and will cover tuition, home and school technology such as laptops, tablets, and WiFi connectivity.

This scholarship comes as the second initiative as the pair have worked together for a social cause when they founded the REFORM Alliance. The organization’s goal was to reform the criminal justice system and successfully passed some very needed probation reform legislation in California.

Due to the economic crisis amid covid-19, many families now struggle, and hence, the scholarships will go into immediate effect to help these families.

We applaud the work Meek Mill and Michael Rubin are doing and hope many others follow suit as these are truly hard times for many.