During this week’s Sunday Brunch with hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer, Maya revealed she had always wanted a role in a movie but lost interest after she missed out on a part in E4’s Skins months before she moved from Bristol to London as a teenager.

Maya Jada explained she was set to begin filming earlier in April but due to covid-19, production was pushed back. “I am supposed to be doing a film but because of Covid everything has been pushed back.”

“’It was supposed to be in April then it got moved to the next month, next month, and now fingers crossed February.”- Maya said.

Teasing her role in the super-secret movie, Maya said: “It’s secret-y at the moment but I am playing somebody really shy that’s the opposite to me and it’s in the Caribbean, so that’s why it can’t go ahead. So those are my two clues but I don’t know if I am allowed to give out anything else.”

“As a presenter you spend so much time just being yourself and coming across as yourself on camera, transitioning into acting, it’s like, ”Now be someone just completely different,” which is really hard.”

She went on to say: “But I am having a go. I have been sitting in front of my mirror a lot, watching closely actors on films and trying to fake cry.”

She then revealed more into detail her passion for acting and why she had not pursued it until now. She said:

“I have wanted to act for ages. When I was younger that is what I originally wanted to do.
‘I auditioned for Skins when I was like 15 and got to the final round and it was between me and one other girl, and she got it, and then I was like, ”No, I am rubbish, I never want to act again” and went into presenting.”

She elaborated on what brought about the change of mindset, in relation to her small role in Katherine Ryan’s Netflix series The Duchess. She said:

“Now I am like, ”This is a good time for me to try.. I spoke to Katherine about it. She was like, ”I am doing this series.” So I do my little audition and got the role of Sandra. It was a small role but hopefully there is more from that. Scary though.”

We are pleased to hear Maya has rekindled her love for acting and we can’t wait to see what her role in the upcoming secret will be.